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Constantinos has guided countless students, adult and senior citizen groups as well as faith based tours to every corner of Greece, not to mention many VIP Hollywood celebrities, among them John Malkovitch, Morgan Freeman and Oliver Stone.

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Mt Athos (medieval) monasteries

Mt Athos (medieval) monasteries

The Holy mountain or “Autonomous Monastic Republic” is unique in the world. It is located on the Athos peninsula of Halkidiki and is considered the center of Orthodox monasticism. It constitutes one of the most unique places not only in the Balkans but of the whole of the European and Eastern church owing to it’s great literary and cultural contributions. It is known as the “Garden of the the Virgin Mary”, because the Virgin Mary is believed to be the only woman ever to have stepped on it’s hallowed ground.

Monasteries on this rocky, imposing and breathtaking landscape were built centuries ago and resemble castles which appear to hang off the cliffs. Each one of them is a treasure trove of Byzantine and post Byzantine artifacts of priceless religious and historical significance. There are approximately 1, 700 monks in the twenty large monasteries and numerous smaller sketes, making for a religious community which has it’s own unique monastic culture and daily way of life.


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